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Requester Group


Why i cannot add requester to a group manually? In my opinion this is something fundamental.


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Unless I'm misunderstanding your question,"Groups" are organizational units for Agents. "Departments" are the organizational unit for Requesters, and you can absolutely add a Requester to a Department manually. :)


Hope this helped!

Thanks for the reply.

I am talking about "Requester Groups" not agent groups.


Ah! You're right. I don't know why that wouldn't be an option.

A user can belong to more than one Department though, and since you can use a department as a filter, have you thought of creating a "Requester Group Department" as a work around?

For example, if I have a requester in the "HR" department that I want to add to the "Finance" requester group without putting her in the actual "Finance" department, I can make another department called "Finance Group Override" and add the new "Finance Group Override" department to the filters for the "Finance" Requester group.

Just a thought, although I see your main point now and 100% agree that it should be an option to add individual users. :)

Two years later and we can't do this. Seems like a major oversight.

Currently, I have to add the title of anybody I want to be able to be in a certain group.

BTW, I use this feature to test Service Catalog items on specific requesters (who aren't agents), so they can give feedback and I can test functionality.

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