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Requester Group


Why i cannot add requester to a group manually? In my opinion this is something fundamental.


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Unless I'm misunderstanding your question,"Groups" are organizational units for Agents. "Departments" are the organizational unit for Requesters, and you can absolutely add a Requester to a Department manually. :)


Hope this helped!

Thanks for the reply.

I am talking about "Requester Groups" not agent groups.


Ah! You're right. I don't know why that wouldn't be an option.

A user can belong to more than one Department though, and since you can use a department as a filter, have you thought of creating a "Requester Group Department" as a work around?

For example, if I have a requester in the "HR" department that I want to add to the "Finance" requester group without putting her in the actual "Finance" department, I can make another department called "Finance Group Override" and add the new "Finance Group Override" department to the filters for the "Finance" Requester group.

Just a thought, although I see your main point now and 100% agree that it should be an option to add individual users. :)

Two years later and we can't do this. Seems like a major oversight.

Currently, I have to add the title of anybody I want to be able to be in a certain group.

BTW, I use this feature to test Service Catalog items on specific requesters (who aren't agents), so they can give feedback and I can test functionality.

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We would also find this feature helpful. Currently, we only have the option to use Department or Job Title. In our case we don't want everyone in the department on the Division Head. Conversely, the department heads have several different titles across the divisions and any filter based on Titles will be inaccurate as they change titles but still should be kept in the group.

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