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When will Freshservice support DKIM for outgoing email?

I see that Freshdesk supports this already, but with Freshservice we are stuck having to subscribe to the Estate plan so that we can use own own mail servers to deliver email in order for messages to be delivered to Office 365 recipients reliably. Please add DKIM option to Freshservice as well. Thanks Dana

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This is critical if you are going to spoof a domain.  Even with your own server specified fresh service still seems to be sending some emails from their servers using our support email address.

I agree that this needs to be implemented ASAP.

Why is Freshservice the second to get these features? And we need to wait for them a while?

We moved from Freshdesk to Freshservice for the inventory piece about a month ago and I have been regretting it when I find things like this have yet to be incorporated into Freshservice.

I further support the community on this topic. Not having DKIM support is conflicting with any proactive measures meant to address SPAM and SPOOFING. 

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This also seems important for our company due to strong security measurement changes.

Really important Feature...also SMIME would be nice.

This is also critically important to us implementing the platform.

I feel as though this would be an easy buildout since the other platform already supports DKIM. Is this even being addressed internally?

Any updates on this request?   

I just encountered the same issue with my tenant emails being marked as spam when hitting my own email system...

We're seeing increasing issues recently with Office 365 tenants flagging messages from Freshservice as being potential spam. We've long since implemented the SPF record however these days it's insufficient. We really need DKIM and eventually DMARC to ensure the emails have a good reputation.

I +1 this feature

Google's will soon start enforcing DMARC more strictly for delivery. Where is DKIM here?

Agreed 100% this is mission critical as an IT resource.


E-Mail Features are still really poor. SMIME, DKIM.... should be supported in Year 2018

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