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1st June 2017 – Change in the global navigation bar

In order to ensure easy navigation and to de-clutter the portal, this upgrade will list the modules tickets, problems, changes, releases and solutions under the “ServiceDesk” drop-down tab while the modules inventory and contracts will be listed under “Assets” drop-down tab.


What does it mean?


This upgrade will ensure

- Easy Navigation

- A de-cluttered portal view


Until now, all the features/modules were visible as tabs in the portal without being grouped. With the upgrade, modules such as tickets, problems, changes, releases, and solutions have been clubbed under ServiceDesk drop-down tab and assets related modules such as inventory and contracts will be displayed under Assets drop-down tab.


How does it work?


- Depending on your role and permissions, these changes will be visible if you have more than six tabs on your portal.

- For example, consider a situation where the following tabs were visible to you before the upgrade - Dashboard, Tickets, Releases, Reports, Inventory, Contract, and Settings. After the upgrade, since this situation exceeds the limit on six tabs, the Asset modules (Inventory and Contracts) will be grouped first and will be visible to you as Dashboard, Tickets, Releases, Assets, Reports and Settings.

Note that ServiceDesk modules (Tickets and Releases) will not be grouped in the above situation because the tab count does not exceed six after the Asset modules (Inventory and Contracts) were grouped.


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looks good Joseph, do you think we will see auto background refresh for the ticket view?

This looks good and we would be glad to beta this. Please switch us to the new UI when your ready to do so. We appreciate the advanced peek and involving the customer base for feedback.


Thanks for your interest, we will switch your account to the new UI when the Beta is ready. Looking forward to your feedback. 

@Joseph, can you elaborate on "auto background refresh for the ticket view?" ? thanks. 

Live ticket updates in the ticket view. https://support.freshservice.com/support/discussions/topics/308009 When do think this would be released. Fresdesk has had this for quite sometime now.


We received a lot of feedback regarding the global nav change and we wanted to let you know that we heard you! 

We have taken into account all the feedback we received and have worked to bring to you an all new user experience- We are excited to let you know that Freshservice UI has a new facelift and we will be rolling out the refreshed UI in the next couple of days to all our customers. 

The new UI offers better readability, one-click easy access to important modules, better visual hierarchy and many other improvements all focused on enhancing usability.

Please note that the new UI will not load properly on Chrome if any of you have installed the "Freshservice Navigation Fix" extension on your browsers because the refreshed UI has a new layout. So, please do disable the extension before switching to the new UI.


Freshservice Team

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