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1st June 2017 – Change in the global navigation bar

In order to ensure easy navigation and to de-clutter the portal, this upgrade will list the modules tickets, problems, changes, releases and solutions under the “ServiceDesk” drop-down tab while the modules inventory and contracts will be listed under “Assets” drop-down tab.


What does it mean?


This upgrade will ensure

- Easy Navigation

- A de-cluttered portal view


Until now, all the features/modules were visible as tabs in the portal without being grouped. With the upgrade, modules such as tickets, problems, changes, releases, and solutions have been clubbed under ServiceDesk drop-down tab and assets related modules such as inventory and contracts will be displayed under Assets drop-down tab.


How does it work?


- Depending on your role and permissions, these changes will be visible if you have more than six tabs on your portal.

- For example, consider a situation where the following tabs were visible to you before the upgrade - Dashboard, Tickets, Releases, Reports, Inventory, Contract, and Settings. After the upgrade, since this situation exceeds the limit on six tabs, the Asset modules (Inventory and Contracts) will be grouped first and will be visible to you as Dashboard, Tickets, Releases, Assets, Reports and Settings.

Note that ServiceDesk modules (Tickets and Releases) will not be grouped in the above situation because the tab count does not exceed six after the Asset modules (Inventory and Contracts) were grouped.


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When is the change going to appear?

Are we able to customize what we see on these 6 tabs?


Has already appeared for me Baldeep.


I don't like change

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This change has been rolled out across all our customers globally and can't be reversed for now.

Like it says on the post, we brought this in to de-cluttter the Navigation Header and the changes will be visible only if you have a role/permission to access more than 6 tabs/modules.

It always takes time to adjust to a change in the UI especially when you have been using the tool for a while and the important question is are you able to sync with the changes easily or are u finding it difficult to navigate.We would love to hear your feedback.


Freshservice Support

For me its just increased the number of clicks I require to get around the site. I should be taking advantage of the keyboard shortcuts anyway.

I don't have to actually click anymore it's just a hover, but I don't mind it. 

Not a huge fan of the additional clicks, but doesn't bother me too much

However... De-cluttering would be more useful if done in the Ticket layout. 

Instead of having some of the ticket info looking like an email preview with a side preview of other ticket data... create an option to view in columns... filter- & edit-able columns (think excel).

...ALAS, this passive-aggressive response is probably better suited elsewhere. :) 

+1 Scott.

Aproova/Maljeev, here's my feedback.

Consider avoiding common UX blunders, like this one, by designing a menu UX that ultimately meets everyone's needs. The O365 ribbon comes to mind. Nested IoS folders also provide insight where decluttering is achieved through customization, a time-honored design principle. Just say'n.

This change hampers touch navigation. Because the Service Desk menu item is only a hover/rollover event, when I'm browsing on my Surface it's difficult to access sub items. Can you add an on-click action to show/hide the menu in addition to the hover/rollover event?

Also, it would have been nice to see this come through in more of an 'overflow' style, rather than a hard coded change. That way the menu could've adapted to screen or window size rather than being static. Speaking as someone that has FreshService open fullscreen on a 24" monitor all the time, this just makes it more difficult to click on the Tickets button.

I can't say I am a fan either - makes navigating more difficult. To me it was not "clutter" it was a system and that was how you use it. Now - I have to go "find" or "look" for things to do my job that were once right in front of me. This takes more time now every time I need to jump between areas.

If any UX design should occur its more consistency in to how each module functions, works, looks and where the placement of similar type of things are such as links to a problem from a ticket or link to a change from a problem. Links back to the problem from the change etc.

PSA for anyone that does not know how to view the list of shortcuts - SHIFT + ? will bring up the full list.

The ones for navigating pages are as follows:

Press g (for 'go') then

- d for dashboard

- t for tickets

- p for problems

- c for changes

- l for reLeases

- i for CMDB

We do not like this.

This is an extra click, every time we want to go to our tickets.

Please make it possible to reverse this.

Much appreciated!

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