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Not able to remove Watcher


We are able to add the watcher, but we had an instance where agent mistakenly added a COLLABORATOR as watcher and now we donot have option to remove it ourselves, only way that we could figure out is to, go to the COLLABORATOR and ask him to remove himself for watching the ticket.

Same thing has happened to me. I think it's intentional so that users don't remove a manager who is watching their ticket.

I do agree that I should be able to remove any watcher that I added myself. However, I shouldn't be able to remove a watcher that was added by someone else, or who added themselves.

Hey Sunila/Karim,

We'll have your feedback passed to our product team and raise a feature request for removing other Agents from the watcher's list. The Reason why we provide removal access only for the corresponding Agent is that we do not want someone to remove another Agent watching the ticket. 

Maybe we would try to cover this in Scope where only based on Scope we can provide the option to remove a watcher and removal option for the Agent who added themselves to the Ticket. 

I will have this forum moved to Feature Requests and will keep the thread updated once I have an update.

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After thinking about this with a fresh brain, I understand why you made this behave the way it does. Maybe a good compromise, that would keep the integrity of the system, would be:

1. Add a "Save" button to the watcher list. Allow agents to add or remove any users until they "Commit" their changes by clicking "Save". This will allow agents to correct any accidents they make.

2. Create a permission "Manage Watchers" that allows authorized users to mange watchers. If you want to be super slick, create sub-permissions "Manage Watchers They Add" and "Manage All Watchers", similar to the way you handle the "Edit Notes" permission.

Just a thought.

Thanks for the update Thushan!

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