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Service Items Billed Monthly

We are looking at rolling out full-force with Service Items - however we allocate a systems cost monthly; and some items Ex: Keyboard and Mouse we bill up front. I need to be able to distinguish between a monthly allocated item and an up-front cost item when they are going through the request form.

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Also need to show a subtotal for Flat Cost and Monthly re-occurring costs on the Approval page.

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In addition, it would be nice to be able to update the price based on choices done in the custom form. For instance, I make a dropdown menu with three laptop models, and behind the model, i put the price in brackets, for instance. The price of the service item is updated by the model that is choosen.

In addition I could put a check box field named"Ram Upgrade [+99]". If the box is checked, 99 is added to the price. 

This kind of feature would be useful in a multitude of ways, I think.

Also it would be nice to be able distinguish between hours and days on the delivery time. Most people doesnt realize that 168 hours is seven days without having to think about it. 

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