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Import/Export of Locations

Allow for the import and export of locations for bulk update.

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This is needed!!! And it needs to allow a column for parent and children imports

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This would be very helpful. We have over 100 and not being able to import the list already created is a bit of a pain. 

Are the other folks requesting this wanting to go down to an office number. We are so that we can locate assets. i.e. Tauranga --> Windermere --> G10

This would be a very helpful feature

This is still under consideration. In the interim, if you have to create a large number of locations please reach out to our support team and we can help with importing the locations. 

As Patrick said, We'd like to be able to locate Assets to the room.  the idea of manually creating a few hundred locations is a bit daunting and using a custom field for room seems clumsy. 

Simon, location API is available now.

Rob, You can either use the APIs to create the locations in bulk or please reach out to our support team. We can help with importing locations.

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