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FreshService Chat - please can it made available

Hello, please may we request the chat service that the FreshService support team use is included in the Estate plan/made available for our internal users/requestors.

This is increasingly a common way of interacting with users



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Hi Nick,

Freshservice has plans to support Chat functionality in one of the highest plan. We will keep you posted on the plans.



So 5 months ago :) is there an update? 

quick update from me, I've found FreshService team to be very proactive, and am on the beta for the internal chat - it works well!

A nice! I also want the beta! @ramesh can you sign me up? 
Nick thank you for your reply :)

Yo. More beta things? Can I have a beta thing too please? 

Can i be added to the beta also?

any update?

When it will be relased?

When you will released Chat?

When you will release Chat?

Would like to use chat as well.  Looking forward to this!


This item is in our backlog. I will keep you posted when we start working on this.  Meanwhile, I'd love to hear use cases for chat. 



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Thanks Joe,

I did see that there was an Idea regarding chat in the community and it had been marked as in progress.  I'm glad to hear it's still planned.

We're an umbrella service division for two different sister companies.  Most of our tickets come in via email which works great.  More frequently however we have clients sending us messages in Teams and Skype for Business asking questions.  We're happy to help them but then it take some time to manually create a ticket, add all the conversation that took place.  Having a chat function would allow us to automate some of that.  I also think we're probably not always perfect creating the tickets manually after a Team/Skype chat so we'd have better reporting and time tracking as well.


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Thanks for explaining the use case in detail. This will definitely be helpful. 


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