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Allow Agents to be located in requester groups as well as agent groups

I have created several Service Catalog Items for the IT Teams daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasks. It greatly reduces the amount of documentation needed when doing said tasks. I tried to create a requester group for the IT Team, however, if you are an agent, you are not able to be added to a requester group. This is an issue because I would rather not leave these Service Items as all users so that everyone in the organization can see them. 

I understand the difference in permissions between the 2 and can see how it might be difficult to mix requesters and agents. It might be worth looking into at any rate.

Another option would be to allow the option of Service Catalog Items to be only visible to agents or requesters. It would seem to me that this option might be easier to code than the first. Either way, it will make life much easier for our IT staff.

If there is another option that I am not aware of for doing this, please let me know. I have looked at the scheduling option and it just doesn't quite fit the same. But if it is the only option, I would consider it.


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Cant you add the agents to an 'agents' group and restrict viewing of those catalogue items just to that group ?

I did try that. Agent groups don't seem to be available for selection in the service catalog

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Tried it, didn't work. I was able to add a new Department. Added all the people that I wanted. Set up the requester group and the only member it added to the requester group was the only non-agent member of the new IT Department. 

Anyone who was an agent, was not added to the group.


Lets try restricting them to a group with no members, so the requester can't see them in the portal.

Inside the desk the agents should be able to see them.

Does that work for you ?

We are only at the trial stage, and haven't taken the plunge on fresh-service yet, so I'm still trying things out.

Their support pre-sales seems to be good, but this forum can't be a bit undestaffed !

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GENIUS!! I knew someone would know a way around it. Thanks

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