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Assigned group in ticket overview

Our incident coordinators are struggeling with the default information shown in the ticket overview. You can see the assigned agent, status and priority of the ticket but not the assigned group.


It would be very nice to see the group as well in the screenshot above. Now they have to change the filter for every group or they have to open every ticket to see the assigned group.

Hope this can be added soon.

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any update on this from the product team?

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Yes, this is exactly what we require..

Yes we would require this too - I also saw a request for this posted around 3 years ago!


would be useful for us as well.

we want this too :)

Please add this feature. this is something we really need. 

An other option to do is let the customer decide what 3-5 dropdowns should be shown in the overview. 

For instance, begin with the default field available in Freshservice, and update it in the future with custom field. 

(from an deployment perspective). 

This is essential for us too!

Freshservice team, this has been an ongoing problem for us as well. We would really like to see this feature on the roadmap soon as it requires alot of ticket investigation and wastes alot of time that would otherwise be easily resolved on the ticket overview page from a high level "first look"

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This is essential for us too!


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