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Permission for Import and Export of CMDB

 Is it possible to have a permission entry to allowing or denying import or export to the CMDB for an agent? Appears to be that you have to give an agent global administrator rights for this currently.

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Hey, I need this. Am I the only schizophrenic manager that thinks it is not a good Idea for any coworker to have acces to the raw databases ? 

I think it is a really perillous situation and a deal breaker for me. 

THx for de awnser 

Scott, Pablo,

We understand the need for greater control for certain actions. Adding this to our backlog.

Hi there, having better control over permissions including this would be on our feature requirements list as well.

We additionally had issues giving agents API access to the CMDB to query CI types without giving them full CMDB admin access that was a bit too much given the use case.

I can't also find documentation around the specific permissions that makes it hard for creating custom roles.

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