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Service Status Page

My inspiration for this:

Want to be able to communicate outages, degraded services, known issues. A status page like above is a possible way to achieve this, along with email / other mass text communication methods.

I see some potential for FreshService to do some great things with this which I think should be considered:

  • Scheduled maintenance can be written up as a release and automatically go onto a status page (a checkbox for it to go up)
  • "Outage" or "Degraded" (and possibly others) incidents and problems can go onto the status page selectively
  • Link to CIs for full histories of the above. Possibly do some funky things with relationships (show pretty graphs on what's affected).
  • Track uptime, integrate with reporting, allow the service status to show resolved issues
  • Announcements can integrate with all of the above

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My team would also benefit from this. Though we would prefer to lean toward the Google Apps status page:

And maybe have what Scott suggested follow that for a recent history of incidents/problems and any related KB/FAQ articles.

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