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Asset Managment - Give Administrators Real Control

I have been growing increasingly frustrated with the Asset Management capabilities of FreshService.  The biggest frustration so far is that even as an account administrator I am not allowed to make certain changes to products, assets and asset types.

We are using the FreshService Agent to discover our client computer systems and so far that is working well for the most part.  However, there are inconsistencies in how assets are being automatically assigned an asset type...  for example, Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3 are assigned the asset type of "Laptop" but the Surface Pro 2 is assigned the asset type of "Computer."

Not a huge problem, I'll just go in and update the Surface Pro 2 product so that it is considered a laptop.  Except I am prevented from doing so because it's locked from editing.   Forget the fact that I would actually like to edit all of the Surface Products so that they are listed as "Tablets" rather than laptops or computers.

What's worse is that for our Agents, this means there is little logical order in finding assets.  If they were entering assets manually and wanted to add a Surface Pro 2, they would not fine it listed with the Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3 under the Laptop category.  They would instead need to look within "Computer" to find it.  This is a mess and in no way intuitive.

Please give Administrators (and Asset Management Agents) the ability to make these common sense changes so that assets and products can be logically organized and accessed.

As it stands, it seems the only way around this would require lots of additional/unnecessary work...  I believe I would have to go into my custom Tablet asset type and create a new products for each type of Surface and then manually reassign the discovered assets to them.  Once all assets were reassigned I could delete out the wrongly categorized products.   But then I have no idea if future Surface assets that get discovered through the Agent would see the new custom "Surface Pro 2" product under Tablet and respect that or if it would again generate a new product type within the more generalized "Computer" asset type like it originally had.

Similar issues are found when dealing with the asset type hierarchy itself (and I have commented about this on another customer's ticket.)  The inability to delete or hide stock asset types even though we'll never use them it's frustrating.  Asset types not being contained inside of logical containers and no ability to move or delete them is frustrating.  For example, it makes more sense to have Router, Switch, Access Point and Firewall asset types contained within Network rather than left randomly placed within the greater "Hardware" category.  As it stands, even if I created a new "Network Hardware" asset category, I would be unable to move the existing asset types to it because they are default asset types and you cannot move them.  (or delete or hide them)

I have been trying to figure out if there are good reasons that we are restricted like this, but I have been unable to figure it out.  Please either explain the logic for preventing these types of changes or work to remove these limitations allowing Administrators to adapt the system to their unique use cases.

  - Nathan

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Yes it would nice it if it was fully customizable, like other areas....

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100% agree with all of this.

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Thanks for taking the time to explain the difficulties you faced in using Asset Management in Freshservice. We are continuously bringing updates to the product and we have been consciously working towards fixing some of the problems you have highlighted. 

Over the past few months, we have released a few behavior changes and updates targeted at providing more control and flexibility to admins wrt managing assets. Here's some of the updates we released:

To address some of the specific issues you have highlighted in this post, we have now released an enhancement that will allow you to directly edit the asset type of a product. Changing the product asset type will ensure that 

  • the devices that belong to the product can be automatically moved to the new asset type
  • newly discovered devices will take the new asset type of the product


What's next?

We are bringing options to hide the default asset types from Admin -> Asset Types. This will ensure that you have more control on the asset types that are available in your helpdesk. More on this soon. 

Please do give these enhancements a try and share any feedback you may have. 



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Agree, the CMDB needs more flexibility and control. It is also frustrating that we can't remove default fields.

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Hello all, 

Missed notifying here about the availability of the option to Disable the default asset types. You will find the option to disable the default asset types under Admin -> Asset Types. Please do give this a try and let us know if you have any questions/feedback.



If this is completed, why is it still listed as "In Progress"?

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