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Shared Fields in Service Requests

 We need the ablity to have shared fields in our service requests, so that we dont need to duplicate this for each separated SR.  For example, we want a Branch Location field in each SR, we have 15 branches or so, right now we need to enter all those choices in each SR we create, this is not convenient.  Any field that Tickets use should be accessible and sharable in SRs.


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So annoying having to maintain the same field across several service items.

Really wish they would bring this in.

I could not agree more. It's was easy enough to do in the 'Ticket Fields' which allowed users logging an Incident to a Site/Location (not necessarily and Office). That field is then available for filtering in the ticket list view.

The issue is with Service Requests and the catalog. Each service would need to have Site/Location built and is not a filterable field in the ticket list view. Service Desk Administrators can add the Site/Location manually based on the 'Ticket Fields' but this is not presentable to the user when logging the Service Request. It's a bit of a mish-mash.

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