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Placeholders in Service Request Forms

Hey FS Team,

I am trying to make it so I can create dispatch'r rules based on the entries in Service Request fields, but there is not way to pull data from a specific field like you can with Tickets. Can you add a feature that allows me to do this? 

I was thinking that assigning a service request an ID Number could generate the place holders like this: {{SR32.cell_phone_type}}. Where SR indicates that it is a service request, 32 is the ID number and "cell_phone_type" is the field.

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Great idea and clean implementation idea.

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Hi Sean

You can create dispatch'r rules based on certain values of Service Request fields.


Let me know if this helps.


I don't think that's what is being asked here @Joseph.

Something more along the lines of this:


Hi Karim 

I see your point. 

However in the original post by Sean, he mentioned "make it so I can create dispatch'r rules based on the entries in Service Request fields,"... That is possible in Freshservice.

To answer what you have pointed out, it is possible to include all the item details (incl values filled in custom fields of Service Requests) with the help of placeholders. Does that help? 


Hey guys, 

I want to jump back in to this one and build off what Karim is saying. I use agent notification emails and CCs to notify the proper employees once a service request has been filled out. I would like to be able to call out specific service request fields as "placeholders". My example in the original post was poorly worded, but Karim had the right idea.

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These placeholders would be useful for us too!

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