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Notifications in FreshService

I feel like there's a missed opportunity with notification in FreshService.

In the mobile app, I have an option of viewing a stream of activity on just my tickets, shown here:


The only option similar to this in the browser version of FreshService is the "Recent Activity" section, but that unfortunately shows information for everyone, not just things relevant to myself, shown below:


The other thing about the "Recent Activity" screen is that it shows ALL interactions with tickets, not just ones I need to act upon. For example, I don't need to know that I submitted a ticket. I know that I did that, because I did it. I need to know when a requester submits a ticket and it's assigned to me, or one of my tickets gets reopened.

Is there any way to bring the way that the FreshService mobile app handles notifications into the browser experience?


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Hello everyone!

Thanks for your enthusiasm in helping us refine the Notification Center in Freshservice. We're pleased to announce that the feature is now live for all customers!

More information can be found at: https://support.freshservice.com/support/solutions/articles/230351-notification-center


Mithun Mohandas

Product Manager, Freshservice

My internal FS support has been unable to resolve this issue so hoping greater community can help. Many of us are getting inconsistent audio notifications. For example I just had my manager resolve one of my tickets and the notification under the bell icon took 5 mins to show up.  I never got the audio notification though. I did get one on my phone. Desktop notifications are so inconsistent some of us keep the app open all day and rely on the phone notification due to rigorous First Response KPI. The perplexing thing is sometimes we get chimes and sometimes we don't. We aren't changing our workstations so what else could cause this variability?  

Hello Dchin,

Could you please file a support ticket providing information about the tickets and events for which you experienced a delay/absence of notifications? We'll have our engineers take a look at it.


Mithun Mohandas

Product Manager, Freshservice

In case this thread is still being monitored, @Mithrun, it would be good if you could consider automatically marking notifications as 'read' if they have been actioned.

For example

  1. An approval request is sent to me (#SR-001). For us this triggers an email with a link
  2. I use the link in the email and approve/reject the request  (#SR-001)
  3. The notification centre still shows an active notification for the request  (#SR-001). If I click on the link, I get 'Token Expired'

  • the notification would be marked as 'read' when the request is approved/rejected. This makes it easier to see what notifications need action.
  • Bonus points if clicking on the old notification redirects to the ticket approval section showing the action that was taken (rather than showing 'token expired')

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