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AUTOMATION - Set Requester to a specified email

Hi there, 

I use NinjaRMM and I want to use Freshservice as my ticketing system. What NinjaRMM does when something happens on a customer's computer, is that it sends an email alert out to me. That alert always comes from "" or something similar. 

Ninja tells me the customer that the email is associated with, but it doesn't put their email in the alert. I want to receive the email, then automatically take the "customer's name" from the body of the email, to set a particular email for the requester. 

Is this possible? I'm sure many people would like this option. 

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Hi there, I'm just bumping this to the top. 

Not at the moment, from what I can tell. I can 100% get behind this as an idea for FS implementation though.

As a work around, you might want to look into, if you have some spare money lying about.

I use it for a similar use case in my environment, and it works great. Highly recommended.

Hope that helped brother.

Native integration yet?

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