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AUTOMATION - Set Requester to a specified email

Hi there, 

I use NinjaRMM and I want to use Freshservice as my ticketing system. What NinjaRMM does when something happens on a customer's computer, is that it sends an email alert out to me. That alert always comes from "noreply@ninjarmm.com" or something similar. 

Ninja tells me the customer that the email is associated with, but it doesn't put their email in the alert. I want to receive the email, then automatically take the "customer's name" from the body of the email, to set a particular email for the requester. 

Is this possible? I'm sure many people would like this option. 

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Hi there, I'm just bumping this to the top. 

Not at the moment, from what I can tell. I can 100% get behind this as an idea for FS implementation though.

As a work around, you might want to look into mailparser.io, if you have some spare money lying about.

I use it for a similar use case in my environment, and it works great. Highly recommended.

Hope that helped brother.

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