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Bulk import & bulk modification of Contracts, Vendors, Relationships etc

Few of the areas of Freshservice allow for bulk upload or bulk modification. To populate the system is time consuming and not best use of agents's time.

Consider adding the ability to download a template that could be populated with data and then uploaded to Freshservice.

If data is already present, the template download should contain the existing data, allowing the user to add to it or modify it as necessary. When uploaded, the changes are made. (This should work much like the MS Dynamics CRM way of uploading or modifying data through tempate downloads which contain all the hidden IDs or GUIDs necessary.)

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We would like this too. In particular the ability to bulk create a relationship. Having to create the same relationship with tens of assets is very time consuming.

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We're interested in this too! Hopefully can be implemented soon.

Yes, please! Us too.

Yes. Why is this not implemented? This is a very basic feature and a must for most organizations.

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