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Unable to perform local testing?

If you are using the request API or data store feature in your app, you will need to enable the "Load unsafe scripts" option in the browser to test your app.

During local testing, you may see a shield icon in the browser address bar, clicking on the icon will display a warning message. This message is displayed because the support portal runs on HTTPS while the server that is used for local testing runs on HTTP. Click the "Load unsafe scripts" link to continue your local testing.


when i run it locally and enter the command FDK RUN. that shield icon doesnt even show up. I know that everything was installed properly but it cannot get the template app to run

I have the same problem 

You can launch google chrome using command 'google-chrome --allow-running-insecure-content'

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Recently, Chrome’s latest versions started not to show any kind of Security prompt on the URL bar leaving no way for the user to allow Insecure Content on prompt.

Note: Insecure content is basically the app that developer has written and is trying to test run. But Browser identifies it as Insecure.


  1. Open Chrome Settings and select Privacy & Security.

  2. Select Site Settings.

  3. Select Insecure Content

  4. In the Allow section, add the Freshdesk account URL where app is going to run.

  5. Now the browser should allow developer app to test run.

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