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Microsoft Teams Integration & More O365 Integrations

Freshservice Dev Team needs to work faster into integrating its product into the complete suite of Microsoft Office 365 products.

1.- Much needed integration with Microsoft Teams (Zendesk already did it)

2.- Integration with Microsoft Flow (Freshdesk has already been integrated)

3.- Integration with PowerBI or at least publish a SQL type data export or an API where we can pull reporting info.

4.- Freshservice has already made available a Office 365 Integration which syncs freshservice tasks to O365, however those tasks are added to O365 Calendar as events. The ideal solution would be to sync those freshservice tasks to O365 Tasks (NOT AS CALENDAR EVENTS).

I believe that Office 365 is becoming a standard for most companies and Freshservice has to work faster into integrating its solution, such as Zendesk is doing.

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Please follow updates on this integration in the roadmap forum section: https://support.freshservice.com/support/discussions/topics/326696

Hi Everybody

We have completed the work for Freshservice <> MS Teams integration and the bot has been submitted to Microsoft for their approval. Wanted to share the integration video that has the install steps and all the use cases.  


Usually Microsoft takes ~4 weeks to approve and publish the bots in your Teams tenants. We are working with folks at Microsoft to get it approved sooner. I will keep you posted once the the integration is published in both our marketplaces.  Also, would love to hear from you any feedback about the integration.

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This seems to be a request that has gone on for years.  Is anyone a part of the Reddit group https://www.reddit.com/r/Freshservice/?  

I would like to throw our hat into the request ring for some clear answer to when this is expected.

Is there a timeline for when we can start an IM with a requester from freshservice, similar to the SfB integration. That's cool but of course, everyone that uses that is going to stop since SfB is a dead product and everyone is moving to Teams. We do like that functionality and would very much like to see it be moved over to Teams. It seems like a much easier lift that what you're doing with bots and would provide more value as well.

I'd love it if there was a way to create a ticket from within teams based on a conversation. I'm thinking something like, if I'm having a conversation with someone in Teams, maybe I could just add the fresh service bot as a participant to our conversation and maybe that could then create a ticket based on the most recent conversation. setting the other part as the requester and copying over the txt as the body. 

@ Rplatts - looks like they are delaying another month again... - there is another thread to follow on this : https://support.freshservice.com/support/discussions/topics/326696?page=1

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Really looking forward to seeing this launch.  Any word? 

Hi Sudipta

Any update? Been a month since your last post. I'm sure I can speak on behalf of everyone here. we are extremely keen on getting the freshservice app for MS teams.


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I would be really interested in this - All of Sudipta's use cases above resonate. Specifically, we want to bring our business colleagues closer to the IT service and using Teams to communicate and collaborate would be a big bonus. One of the challenges we have around this is that we want "super users" to be able to contribute to specific types of ticket, where best practice or business process is a problem, but we don't necessarily want those individuals to be full-time agents in Freshservice itself.

Looking forward to hearing more about this.

2 years later this is even more critical. we no longer have Skype for business- it's all teams now.

Thanks for the more detailed update Sudipta, that does give us some confidence that progress is being made. The reasons you provide do make sense as to why there is a delay due to the different needs of FreshService users. 

FYI to others following this thread, there is another thread in the Roadmap. Check out 'Microsoft Teams app for Freshservice' - I was not aware of this until this morning.

Part of me feels that you have quite a dedicated set of users here who would be able to provide useful input into the development of the integration. Perhaps you should consider some form of Agile approach where you can release betas to opt-in users to ensure you deliver the right features in the right way to the people clamouring for them (myself included). Even screencasts showing the current state of the integration would allow us to give useful feedback to your dev team. A feature suggestion/voting platform would help ensure your dev teams focusses efforts where there is the biggest reward. Just saw you are doing this via the thread in the Roadmap.

Hi Matt, Freshdesk and Freshservice are different products, targeting different usage scenarios. Even though they are on the same platform, solving for the same use case in both the tools might differ. In this case, for the MS Teams integration, in addition to the agent notifications and quick actions that are available in Freshdesk, we are also solving for use cases around Team notifications, service request approval fulfillment and bots for context fetch to help collaborate and resolve issues faster in Freshservice.

I know we are looking at a month's delay here, but we have considered every detail involved and are working on the blockers to get the app out ASAP. Thanks for your continued patience on this one.

Can you explain why freshdesk is available but Freshservice isn’t, in MS teams? After all they are built on the same platform... It seams the common theme is that freshworks simply does not care about their freshservice customers... Question to all customers here - any recommendations on alternatives to freshservice? While I do love freshservice I’m not sure how much more I can put up with this.

Hi everybody, wanted to provide a quick update regarding MS Teams app for Freshservice. It is in development right now and is being targeted to roll out by early to mid July. The delay is due to certain unforeseen challenges, which the team is working on now.

"In terms of the target release date, we are aiming to make the app public in the marketplace before June 2019."

It's June 3rd, 2019 and I don't see this available yet. Any updates?

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What I am stumped on is that this is already available for FreshDesk.I can go added the bot in teams right now. So why does it take so much longer to make it available in freshservice?