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Microsoft Teams Integration & More O365 Integrations

Freshservice Dev Team needs to work faster into integrating its product into the complete suite of Microsoft Office 365 products.

1.- Much needed integration with Microsoft Teams (Zendesk already did it)

2.- Integration with Microsoft Flow (Freshdesk has already been integrated)

3.- Integration with PowerBI or at least publish a SQL type data export or an API where we can pull reporting info.

4.- Freshservice has already made available a Office 365 Integration which syncs freshservice tasks to O365, however those tasks are added to O365 Calendar as events. The ideal solution would be to sync those freshservice tasks to O365 Tasks (NOT AS CALENDAR EVENTS).

I believe that Office 365 is becoming a standard for most companies and Freshservice has to work faster into integrating its solution, such as Zendesk is doing.

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Why are you even bothering to work on Facebook Workplace when its 1% of the market and Teams is already 21% and growing quickly. 

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Please put this in ASAP.  Power BI and Teams integration is mandatory for us.  Thinking about abandoning Fresh.

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