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Microsoft Teams Integration & More O365 Integrations

Freshservice Dev Team needs to work faster into integrating its product into the complete suite of Microsoft Office 365 products.

1.- Much needed integration with Microsoft Teams (Zendesk already did it)

2.- Integration with Microsoft Flow (Freshdesk has already been integrated)

3.- Integration with PowerBI or at least publish a SQL type data export or an API where we can pull reporting info.

4.- Freshservice has already made available a Office 365 Integration which syncs freshservice tasks to O365, however those tasks are added to O365 Calendar as events. The ideal solution would be to sync those freshservice tasks to O365 Tasks (NOT AS CALENDAR EVENTS).

I believe that Office 365 is becoming a standard for most companies and Freshservice has to work faster into integrating its solution, such as Zendesk is doing.

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We are currently using the Skype integration but will be moving to teams in the near future. Would be great to get this working!

Would like to see this implemented soon.

I would like similar functionality that exists with Slack - I want to push notifications to a single channel using the Bot when new tickets arrive. If a technician can respond and say assign to me the bot updates the ticket to assign the ticket to them.

Seems familiar, another important feature request without a response or update in 6+ months...  365 integration is become a very basic function of any cloud solution...


It would be a +1 for Microsoft Team integration. 

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