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Microsoft Teams Integration & More O365 Integrations

Freshservice Dev Team needs to work faster into integrating its product into the complete suite of Microsoft Office 365 products.

1.- Much needed integration with Microsoft Teams (Zendesk already did it)

2.- Integration with Microsoft Flow (Freshdesk has already been integrated)

3.- Integration with PowerBI or at least publish a SQL type data export or an API where we can pull reporting info.

4.- Freshservice has already made available a Office 365 Integration which syncs freshservice tasks to O365, however those tasks are added to O365 Calendar as events. The ideal solution would be to sync those freshservice tasks to O365 Tasks (NOT AS CALENDAR EVENTS).

I believe that Office 365 is becoming a standard for most companies and Freshservice has to work faster into integrating its solution, such as Zendesk is doing.

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We are currently using the Skype integration but will be moving to teams in the near future. Would be great to get this working!

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Would like to see this implemented soon.

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I would like similar functionality that exists with Slack - I want to push notifications to a single channel using the Bot when new tickets arrive. If a technician can respond and say assign to me the bot updates the ticket to assign the ticket to them.

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Seems familiar, another important feature request without a response or update in 6+ months...  365 integration is become a very basic function of any cloud solution...


It would be a +1 for Microsoft Team integration. 

 Bumping this as Teams is critical to our organizational strategy. Personally, I'd like the ability to replace "Huddle" with Teams. Since Team Huddle doesn't reach out and ping someone with a visible/audible notification it's really not useful for smaller support teams. We have 10 agents so it doesn't get used at all, but if Teams were able to be implemented the same way it would be a game changer.

But really... anything at this point would be great! 

Integration with Flows would also be huge, so we could automate some functionality via chat bots.

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Another bump as well.

We will be rolling Teams out to our entire Enterprise in the next 45 days and slowly phasing out Skype For Business. I see FreshDesk has a Teams integration but not one for FreshService yet.

One more bump. As Matt Shafer mentioned, the ability to integrate with flows and open the ability to create tickets via a bot would be a huge leap forward.

+1 for Teams integration

Here's the link to your Freshdesk integration in case it helps.


FreshService Integration to show ticket Creation and updates to support staff is one use case

Why has it taken a year to create the integration...... Not even a zapier app to create a temp solution.

Hi Guys, thanks for the feedback with respect to MS Teams integration. There are quite a few use cases with respect to the integration (as we have seen in the asks here as well). So, I have jotted down all the use cases below. 

Use case 1: My organization is planning to transition to MS Teams from SFB. With the MS Teams integration, I would want my agents to be able to start an IM session with the end user from the ticket details page to get any additional information about the issue.

Use case 2: My entire organization is on MS Teams. I do not want my employees to switch between multiple tools for collaboration and seeking any help. They should be able to raise tickets from MS Teams into their service desk and receive relevant notifications about updates regarding their issues. 

Use case 3: Being in the Microsoft ecosystem, my organization uses MS Teams for one to one and collaborative communications within teams and the organization. Is there a way I could provide self-service to my employees on MS Teams itself?

Use case 4: If a new issue lands in the service desk, and the issue is assigned to a specific group/agent, the particular team or individual is notified on MS Teams. Also, any end user updates to the issue are notified to the corresponding individual (handling the ticket) on Teams.

Use case 5: As all my employees use MS Teams for all their internal communication, it would be great to notify an individual on Teams if any kind of an approval is needed from him.

Additionally, please do cite any other use case that I might have missed here.

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Hi Sudipta,

An additional use case for our organization would be: As MS Teams is used for internal communications, it would be great if agents could use Teams to collaborate on a ticket as an alternative (replacement?) to the Discuss/Huddle function - with messages shown inline within the ticket in FreshService but also within the Teams application itself (or at least a notification).

For us, Use Case 1, 4 and the one I've just mentioned would provide the most amount of benefit to our team.


When will this be ready