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Automatic user IP Address

The previous ticket system my organization used (osTicket) had the ability to show the IP Address for the machine the user submitted the ticket on via the web portal. This was extremely valuable as it gave an easy way for agents to remote into the user's machine without requiring more information from the user.

It would be great if FreshService could implement a similar function.

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Sort of. What our current ticket system does is simply get the IP address of the device the user is submitting the ticket on and pass it to the ticket. We have plans to eventually use the asset management portion of FS, but it will be a large task to move everything over from our current system, so we would like to keep our current IP address capability in the meantime.

Thank you!

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Our current ticket system auto populates the sender's IP as well, and we use it for the same reason. It would be great if when an end user submitted a ticket through the portal their IP address was automatically pulled and added to the information for the ticket, enabling agents to remote into the user's machine and not have to request this information. We are using the asset management side of FreshService as well, but until we get all of our ducks in a row this feature could aide us in assisting our end users. 

Hi, Basically. You would like the user to tie his asset with the ticket before submission. Is my understanding right? In that case, click Admin -> Field Templates. Edit this Description Field ton select "Allow Requester to attach asset". This is possible provided Assets are tied to users in Assets module. Thank you. Regards, Ramesh
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