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Bulk update of asset information

It can be tiresome to update every asset individually, especially if there are several thousand assets. For instance, if you want to update several hundred assets which have just been detected by the FS Probe to reflect the correct Department (or Company, if you're using MSP mode).

In the Asset tab, you should be able to create a Filter which shows only assets which meet a set of criteria. And then from this, you can select some, or all of the assets for a bulk update.

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Hi Louis, Freshservice totally agrees with you. Currently, you would be able to create filters which meets certain criteria. However, you can't bulk update for now. However, the good news is that Freshservice will bring this functionality in tool very soon With respect to timeline, I will update after internal discussion. Regards, Ramesh

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Please implement this as soon as possible.  It is badly needed to make working with assets faster and easier.  Thank you.

Hi Nathan, Louis,

We are continuously working on bringing new capabilities in Freshservice and bulk updating assets is a feature that is in the works right now. You can select multiple assets from the assets list and update attributes in bulk. It's still WIP, but here's a sneak peak from our dev instance. 




Hi, is there any update on this feature?

Hello folks,

You can now update assets in bulk in Freshservice. Please refer to this solution for more info on the feature. Do give it a try and share any feedback you may have. 


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