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Requester Group Options

There should be significantly more options for assigning users to Requester Groups. Currently you can only create these based on Job Title and Department.

You should be able to create these using other requester fields, such as site, manager, or custom requester fields.

You also should be able to add specific users to a requester group. Currently if I want 3 specific people in a group I have to either change their department or job title to be the same, whether it's accurate or not.

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I completely agree: We should ahve many more options to choose from, like Country, Company etc. when building requester groups. Its weird that we can easily import these attributes from AD, but we cant create groups based on more than a few? 

Please fix this! 

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This feature request is marked as implemented, but we still cannot use custom fields imported from AD to create requester groups.  We are in the same boat as Patrick and need to discern between staff and students.  We hijacked Department for that, but use a different AD attribute (employeeType) in Discovery.

I would further like to create groups based on grade level for request item visibility.  We are K-12 and some forms should only be seen by high school students.  We are importing grade level, but cannot use it to create a requester group.

Do we need to start a new feature request or can this one be updated?

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Hi - I am jumping in with an expansion request for including custom TRUE/FALSE fields.

Here is our use case. We have users who are authorized to use our various enterprise software applications such as Cvent for events and Marketo for digital marketing. Users' requester records include TRUE/FALSE toggle for these systems thusly (see attached).

It would be tremendously helpful to us if we could create requester groups for these by a rule where "Cvent" = TRUE. This could allow us to use automations, make articles and service requests selectively available to them, and to also post Announcements selectively to these groups of users, such as a system status.

I also request that we be able to utilize TRUE/FALSE toggles within a requester group rule. We have implemented a series of pick lists with ONE value each in order to have the same data availability while being able to use them in requester groups.

This work-around is ugly and onerous when data processing and we look forward to one day having checklists.......

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