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Requester Group Options

There should be significantly more options for assigning users to Requester Groups. Currently you can only create these based on Job Title and Department.

You should be able to create these using other requester fields, such as site, manager, or custom requester fields.

You also should be able to add specific users to a requester group. Currently if I want 3 specific people in a group I have to either change their department or job title to be the same, whether it's accurate or not.

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I would like to be able to manually add users to a Requester Group. We have VIP requesters (Leadership/Location Managers) who have many different titles - it'd be much easier to populate this group manually and monitor incoming requests with a Dispatch'r from this group so that we can ring additional bells to alert the team.

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Hey Matt and Tyler,

Totally understand how being able to group your customers would be super useful. This is something we have in our roadmap. Other than the ability to use them in Dispatch'r rules, etc. we're considering allowing you to configure the visiblity of solution articles and forums in your portal based on these groups/lists. 


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Manual Groups would be great!

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Another item that is really critical for our success with this tool - as a large global company, we need more options to configure visibility of solution articles and department/job title is not enough.  Looking forward to a solution soon, please!

Thanks for the feedback on requester groups. Soon you will be able to create requester groups based on Location, Language, Time zone, Custom dropdown fields in addition to Job Title and Department. This should be available in the product in few weeks. 

Keep us posted on what all improvements we can make to Freshservice better :)



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We are new to FS and am having difficulty setting conditions for requester groups. The list is very limited. Should have the ability to map to an AD security group. You mention custom drop down fields but don't see that.

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Hi Sine

I have posted a video here with comments embedded. 

Please refer the video, you should be up and running with requester groups based on custom fields in no time.



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Hi Rishul,

I have successfully added custom field as shown and have mapped the field to an AD attribute but am getting error in the probe log when I try to import users - see attached file

The custom field I created is "Organization" and mapped it to AD attribute "Company"

I've also attached the probe log file where you can see that it fail on my account update:

Hi Sine,

I have removed the attachments from the forums and have shared the logs with our support folks. We'll reach out to you and help troubleshoot the issue. Let me know if you have any other questions.




We still do not have the ability to send emails to requester groups within a dispatch'r rule.



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This is very helpful. 

It would be even better if we could also use a tick box field as a group membership condition.

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Why is this so complicated?
I just want a simple group with 2 users, and make 2 special customer portal forms visible only to them.

Using a custom field that will appear on ALL users across ALL my companies for this?
A bit ridiculous.

To attain a high level of customer form visibility customization based on groups in a multi-company setup, I'd have to have dozens of custom fields visible on every single contact/requestor profile.

Come on. Just let me add users to groups manually. Please

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It would be great to have operators such as CONTAINS, STARTS WITH, ENDS WITH, DOES NOT CONTAIN so that we do not have to revisit the conditions every time a requester with a new job title or department is added.

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Hi there. Looked at the video and that will not really help our cause much, or anyone else I would suspect. Adding a drop down as a user field is a great start and shows promise. However, not being able to assign it to a value based on a field coming back from AD is where this falls down a bit. There is no way for this custom field to be populated and we don't expect our users to select this. Agree with Nick Gatt's comment above that we need conditions so that we can test AD records coming in and based on a certain value, assign them to the right value in the drop down.

So right now we have not way of distinguishing our 15000 students from our 500 staff.

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