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31st January 2017 – Easier to download, manage and get insights from the Discovery Agent

Multiple Improvements to the Discovery Agent

What it does:

A new section for the Discovery Agent has been added to Admin> Discovery in Freshservice. It will let you download the Agent for Windows, Mac and Linux machines directly from Freshservice (instead of having to download the Discovery Probe first).

Besides, you'll be able to view a list of deployed agents in Freshservice and monitor the last synced time for each of them. There is a new filter to view the inactive Agents (Agents that haven’t updated Freshservice for more than 2 weeks), so you can check on the assets if required. You can also select and remove Agents from specific machines directly from Freshservice.

What it means:

Besides making it much easier to download and install the Agent, the enhancement helps you better track your assets. The option to monitor inactive agents lets you know if a machine/user needs immediate attention.

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these is all about my tickets or the support tickets

"Adding last sync time is great, thanks guys!" he says, as he anxiously awaits project management...

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