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Best practice for agents leaving support

Add functionality to disable an agent.

Deleting has an impact on reporting / history of tickets.

Converting to occasional still leaves agents pickable in say Add  note functionality and Mail rule pickers.

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Agreed! We deal with the same issue when someone leaves. Ideally we would not harm reports/history of tickets but we have no option unfortunately.

Recent FS convert here. Any other issues with off boarding from FS that you guys have run into? I haven't come across the need yet, but I'd love to be prepared.

For example, in this case, maybe a good workaround would be to make a new account with the same name as the off boarded agent, then delete their current account. From what I understand, during the deletion process, one can re-associate tickets from the deleted agent to a new agent, and one would simply associate the tickets with the newly created account of the same name.

Again, I haven't done any of this yet, so I may be way off base here.

unfortunately deleting the account did not trigger a re-association process, let alone a warning about the implication for open and closed tickets, we found out the hard way

for now we:

1. convert the agent to Occasional to free the license

2. set agent ticket scope to restricted access

3. assign a dummy role with minimal rights, as at least one role needs to be assigned

4. change the name to reflect agent not being active (start with Z so they are last in picklists), as they still are available in the Agent field to send a note, create Dispatch'R-Observer rules

5. Go through all rules to replace the agent

the above workaround really has no place in an ontherwise very professional product like FreshService

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Agree 100%. I went back through the "Delete an Agent" update and saw that you're right. You can only reassign currently open tickets not closed ones. :/

Hopefully FS sees your post and replies!

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