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9th January 2017 – Better agent delete flow, portal-level SSO and more...

Improvements to the Agent Delete Flow

What it does:

While deleting an agent, admins will be able to see the count of tickets, problems, changes and releases assigned to the agent being deleted. Additionally, they will be able to assign any of the unresolved tickets, changes etc. to other active agents.

What it means:

Reduced chances of tickets remaining unassigned (and unresolved) after the associated agent is deleted.

Approvals Logs in Change Print

What it does:

Approval Logs will now be included when a change is printed.

What it means:

Approval information will now be present while printing a change to support audit related use cases.

Portal-level SSO (for MSP Mode)

What it does:

MSP accounts with multiple portals can have different security settings (SSO and SSL) for each of the portals in the help desk.

What it means:

You can control how your requestors and agents login to your helpdesk from their respective portals. For example, if you support two companies and have a dedicated end-user portal for each of them, you can now have two different SSO configurations to support both the companies.

You can read more about this feature here.

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Love the delete workflow thing. Wonderful quality of life improvement, and fortunately it's been implemented before I've ever had to delete an agent! :D

Re the Delete workflow, this still removes the agent from any tickets they have done. I do not understand why on earth you would want to do this? Surely, the functionality needs to be that an agent can be marked as 'inactive' which would mean:

They cannot log on

They cannot have tickets assigned to them (ie do not appear in pick lists)

All their closed tickets remain assigned to them so that reporting still works

As it stands, there is no way I can see of preventing an agent logging in - this is an Information Security / GDPR nightmare, and must be resolved before the new legislation comes into force.

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The agent Delete workflow is horrible. As Charlie points out, it completely removes the agent from the tickets they have completed. This is unacceptable. 

When an agent leaves, we should be able to simply disable their agent access. The workflow would allow us to reassign their Unresolved tickets, problems, etc. However, it must leave the Closed tickets alone.

We must be able to review old tickets and see who actually completed them, even after the agent leaves the organization.

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I agree with Jeff and Charlie. We have a few people in our Organization changing job roles and this means they no longer are required to be an Agent and need to be changed to a Requester (they still want to login to the portal) on Freshservice. However, if I remove them from being an Occasional Agent all their historical tickets are deleted! Not good at all.


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Has anything been done to address the failing in the system, we recently had cause to go back over tickets that were worked by an agent that left the company and it took forever to do this.

We have also found that ticket properties seem to link to the current defined list, so the same with categories / sub categories etc. (also with Custom Fields). If I remove a sub category from a list (product no longer supported for instance) ALL previous tickets that had this, lose their assigned values thus rendering historical analysis useless.

Are there any plans in place to address this as it is a major limitation for us going forward with this ???


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