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1st January 2017 – Default Categories

Default Categories

What it does:

A new ‘Category’ field will be added to forms for tickets, problems, changes and releases (This will need to be done manually for existing accounts from Admin> Field Templates)

What it means:

More nuanced SLA policies.

Up until now, you could create SLAs for tickets based on the department, group, source or type of the ticket. With category specific SLAs, you can now give ‘network’ issues (which generally affect larger groups) precedence over ‘software’ issues (which typically affect individual users), for instance.

Refer to this solution article for more details on creating SLA policies.

Hi Kkhalil

Yes, you will be able to run a report where you can get the tickets by category. 

We are working on enabling this and it should be out soon.


Freshservice Product Team

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Hey, remember that one time like 9 months ago when you said "it should be out soon"? What does "soon" mean in that sentence? Like, 80 years? For your reference, "soon" to a customer means something along the lines of "within the next two patches". Can. We. Please. Have. An. Update. On. This. If you tell us it's out in a year, that's fine, but I need to be able to give realistic time frames to my manager without looking like a moron almost a full year later. Do you understand that these replies are used to report up the food chain for some of us? Please, cut me a break and only give realistic expectations in your freaking replies. 3 months. A year. 7 years. I don't care. Just please stop making me look like I'm not trying to do my job well by giving me these wildly inaccurate estimates for feature releases. You guys are literally the worst at this. Manage my expectations better. Thanks.

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Speaking to support today ( 3 months later ) and it still can't be done.

Any updates ?

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Eyyy, we were just talking about this.

Can you please advise if we'll be able to report against a ticket's category in the future? For example, if we have a sub-category of "Outage" that contains two items "Internal Cause" and "External Cause", would we be able to run a report showing the quantity of tickets that that fall into each category?

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Hi Remon, 

From my understanding of your requirement, ability to select multiple values for the Category field (i.e Category includes Hardware,Software,User Management, etc) in the filter section will provide an overview of tickets by all the categories selected, in a single report. This enhancement is in the final stages of development and is targeted to roll-out by the end of the month. Let us know if this helps. 


Freshservice Product Management

This is a must have to make good reports. Can we have a Update?

Hi Karim

Sorry for the delays in getting this out in time, and I feel really bad that it has caused you this much inconvenience.

You can now create custom reports based on Category fields in Freshservice. Please refer to the attached screen:


Let us know if this works as per your expectation.


Freshservice Product Team

This wil not work, you can see a complete overview of all the categories'.

We use categories like:



User management

Access management 


We want to see in 1 overview all the above, so you can spot trends.


A top categories report is a must.

In the chart editor, it will be wonderful if Categories could be added as Axis or Wedges.

Couldn't agree more!!!

Is there any further developments on this?

We have categories and sub categories that we need this to enhance our reporting.

*Happy dance*

For those of use with existing accounts, what is the field we need to add?

Is it a drop down list? What are the default values supplied by FreshService?

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