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Ability to Create Reports based on what software is running on Computers

Can't believe I need to make this as a feature request.   Shouldn't there be a way to generate a simple report based on what software is running on Computer Assets that have the Discovery Agent installed?   

For instance if I want to generate a report that shows me all computers that have Java installed and what version of Java they are running, shouldn't that be a simple process?

Apparently Freshservice currently does not have this ability?

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This would definitely be useful when looking at updating versions of software across the network.

Seems almost pointless to collect this information without being able to report on it.

I'd also like to be able to produce a print out of information for each asset, eg a printable page with all the info for one machine (including software).

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Hi Jason, Richard,

We are working towards changing the way we handle software assets in Freshservice and we have planned to address the issues you have highlighted as well. 

Meanwhile, if you know which softwares should be tracked, you can create them as Software Products in the Product Catalog and this will allow you to start tracking these softwares in reports.



Freshservice Product Team

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Hi Sid,

Do you have a timescale for when reporting on software will be available? We would really like to see this feature.

Kind regards,


Yes this would be huge.  Just evaluating your asset feature now.  Not sure how the database is build, but just give us access to the fields to build own report, I will use excel for the rest.  

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This would be great ! 

Is urgent to have this report.
Any time when this is going to be set?


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We would really like to have this feature as well!

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Hi all,

This is a baseline feature that our business needs to continue testing and subsequent implementation of FreshService - any ETA on this feature?

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Can only agree qnd 'like' as I did 9 months ago. Please update us as to whether any actual progress has been made on this, should be a fundamental.

Francois - ETA - estimated time of arrival.



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I too would like to know the status of this feature. Seem logical to be able to run reports against data you are collecting from each machine.

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Apologies for going cold on this topic. We just kicked off work this week on revamping how we handle software that we discover. The scope of work is larger than just creating reports, so am unable to give you an ETA. I'll keep updating this post as we make progress... (Please drop a note if you would like early access, and I'll reach out to you once we are ready for Beta)

I am looking for some feedback so that I can incorporate your inputs into what we are building now.

  1. Let's say you are able to get info on all the devices/users using a particular version of a software, how will this information be helpful to you? For example, would you want to reach out to all the users using a older version of a software so that they can upgrade?
  2. How frequently do you look for such information?
  3. Is they are any other information that you need wrt software discovered from Freshservice?

Thanks in advance for your feedback!


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1) How will this info be helpful? Microsoft and Adobe perform regular audits, having this info is vital to pull out software lists for reconciliation with licences, and purchases, also for upgrades etc

2) Could need it anytime but when you need it, you need it.

I'm sure others will chip in and add more. If you Google 'SAM' tools you'll see what your competitors provide in terms of software asset management and reporting functionality.



Hi David, Thanks for explaining on how this will be helpful. Am so glad you mentioned SAM here. We are adding functionality that will give you exactly that. 

We will provide a consolidated view of all the software that have been discovered along with a count of the devices where the software is installed in. This info can then be used to associate licenses, filter out certain versions of the software and so on. 

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