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Enhancements to Ticket Reporting

We'd like to use the new custom ticket reporting to spit out a weekly report that contains a bunch of data, but have noticed some shortcomings that could be improved:

- date range should include an 'undefined' or 'infinite' option (or not be included at all). If we have a long running job (>90 days) we currently need to specify a fixed date, which means the report has to be edited every time it's run rather than being generated automatically on a schedule.

- columns should be easy to reorganise using drag-and-drop or similar.

- options to sort multiple columns alphabetically ascending and descending. For example, sort by Agent, then Company, then Contact, etc.

- dynamic column sizing. The 'Subject' field contents are always long, and the 'Ticket ID' is always short, so having non-static column widths obscures data and increases unnecessary white space.

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Hello Reuben,

Thank you for your feedback! 

1. I agree that the use case you had mentioned regarding automatic scheduling of reports on tickets that are dated > 90 days is important and seems valid. Let me know if extending this limit upto 6 months will help resolve your use case.   

i.e. under Filter Conditions : 

Created Date - Time period - Last 6 months 

2. Column resizing and custom sort are part of our roadmap. I will keep you posted here on further updates regarding this enhancement. 


Freshservice Product Management 

Hi Deepikaa,

A 6 month time period is a significant improvement. Looking forward to it being implemented. For future though, it would be good to be able to run a report for 'All jobs not Closed or Resolved' (regardless of dates).



Any new progress on the sort option for reporting in the last YEAR?

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