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Better Dashboard to show ticket summary

Right now the "Dashboard" is ugly and useless.
When will we be able to customize a dashboard so that we it looks better and more presentation on a TV display?

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Is there any way to change the Ticket Summary Ribbon to include our custom statuses?  For example, we created one called "In Process", which while technically is OPEN, those tickets don't show on the standard Ticket Summary Ribbon as Open.


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any update on this? The dashboard really is useless right now.

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Are there any updates on this? :)

If you are hoping for an interim solution while waiting for this, check out page 7 of this request (power BI). There was a company offering a paid solution, but it didn't do what I needed it and ended up rolling my own and putting it on github. It's pretty ghetto, but it works.

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Hi Everyone,

A completely customizable agent dashboard is in the works. You can find more info here:



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