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Removal of default Asset Types

We dont need the default Asset Types on freshservice and it just make it more complex to our users. Is it possible to users to option to remove them? And when you remove them, please fix it so new (custom) asset types appear in products.

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Hi Sid

Is there any timescale for when we will be able to hide unwanted Asset Types?

We are using Freshservice for FM support so do not need any of the existing data and would love to be able to either hide the types we do not want or to have the option to start with no data.


Hi Linda, 

Hiding asset types will be available in roughly 2-3 weeks.



Following this ticket as i'm interested to know when we can hide the default types. 

Hello folks, 

As promised, you now have the option to disable the default asset types. Do give this a try and let me know if you have any questions/feedback. 





I would like to disable the default asset 'server', but pressing the disable button leads to the error message:

"Cannot disable Asset Type. Please delete all Assets/Products of this Asset Type (and it's child types, if any) and try again"

- although I have already disabled all the child types (of 'server')

Is there still a way to disable the asset 'server'?

Hi Luis, 

Looks like you have some Assets/Products of the type Server. Please try the following.

  1. In your Inventory, check if there are any assets of type Server
  2. Check in trash if there are any deleted assets (You may have to permanently delete the assets. The Trash folder is in the Asset Hierarchy)
  3. In Admin -> Product Catalog, look for products that are of type Server. If you have any (we ship some by default), please delete these as well.

Once you have these deleted, you should be able to disable Server asset type. If you still have the issue, let me know. We'll reach out to you through our support team and troubleshoot the issue for you.


Don't think this as been resolved. when I try and disable all Assets i get the following message when disabling last asset type "Cannot disable Asset Type. At least one Asset Type should be enabled."

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navigate to Admin -> Form Fields and click on Description. Now uncheck the box that says Allow customer to attach asset and save the template. This was uncheck but when i checked and saved and then unchecked and saved again it was removed......just an FYI

Hoping to see improvements still...  You can disable now, but not delete.  This wouldn't be an issue but when the Discovery Agent runs it will put the asset wherever it likes, assign to incorrect or no vendors, and then re-enable a disabled Asset Type.    

For example we have a product, an Optiplex 5050 assigned with Dell as a Vendor, and with a CI type of Hardware, Desktop.  It's now updated itself to no vendor, and with the CI type of Computer, Desktop- Do not use.  The CI type of "Desktop-Do not use" had been fully disabled at the time that the system updated, and is now enabled and has that asset assigned to it.  

Once our contract expires we'll be looking at moving both our helpdesk and asset management software.  Too many issues and random changes, which we're usually told are "features", and not actual issues.  Features usually have an on/off button.  We're trying to make our own helpdesk more efficient, not play beta tester for software. 

Hi Sarah,

Am sorry to hear that you have trouble getting Asset Management to work as expected. Let me try and assist you with your queries here. I had a look at your conversations you had with our support team, so I understand both the issues you are facing. 

1. Discovery creates new Products Optiplex 5050 with a disabled asset type though there is another Product Dell Inc (Optiplex 5050).

The discovery tools identify the product details from the device settings and look for an exact match in the product catalog. In this case, the Freshservice discovery tool identified the device as a Optiplex 5050 of asset type Desktop. Now, before creating a new Product and a new device, we first check if the same device (serial number or display name) exists in some other asset type under the same hierarchy. If it does, we only update that asset and will not update the product / asset type. 

However, if the device is not found and since there is no exact match for the product, discovery would create a new device and with a new product. This is what seems to have happened in your case too. This is also why the disabled asset type has been enabled again by discovery. I'll work with my team to troubleshoot the issue further and establish what has happened. We'll work with you to solve this issue. 

2. Assets in trash are updated during import and the notification doesn't indicate that the assets in trash was updated.

This is good feedback for us. We update the asset details even when they are in trash because there are chances that the device could have been deleted by mistake. So the asset can be restored anytime and all the information will be updated accordingly. However, I understand that the expectation is for these devices to not be updated. I'll take this feedback to my team. At the bare minimum, our import notification can be better with more details on whether an asset in trash was also updated. We'll work on this.



Up vote for being able to remove assets, because there are so many I cannot figure out what assets have some particular fields I need to use elsewhere. And I can't insert them in custom assets because they're already "taken".

The disable functionality has worked pretty well for us and have the structure for our CMDB pretty close. The only issue I do have is that (in this series of steps)

1) If I rename a default asset type, in this example Firewall to 'Placeholder' 

2) Go into Data Center and try to add 'Firewall' here with Data Center as the parent

3) I get an an error that the name has already been taken.

So there must be a field in the DB that references this value but not one that is obvious because it is not part of the JSON response when I make the call to the asset type object:

id : 8001338153

description :

created_at : 2018-03-16T11:30:24+13:00

updated_at : 2019-03-01T15:43:00+13:00

label : Peripheral Device

disabled : False

It would be nice if we could just move them around underneath another parent or allow us to use the same name if created under another parent.







This should be fully customizable. I don't care that by default there are 50+ asset types, but why wouldn't you allow the customer to remove the ones they don't use?? That makes no sense. Also, we are unable to remove assets from our product catalog because it says CI's are associated. We have deleted all assets and it still wont let us remove these assets from the product catalog.

Please make this update so we can have a more versatile, flexible ticketing system.

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I ran into the issue of not being able to delete items out of the Product Catalog too. Found out why.... When you delete an asset it is not really deleted until you empty the trash that holds these deleted assets. 


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