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Out of office for agents

If an agent goes on holiday and a requester replies to a ticket that is assigned to that agent the requester currently has now way of knowing the agent is away and the desk doesn't know someone is awaiting a reply.

It would be good to either have some sort of functionality where an agent can set themselves as away and a rule that does something if someone replies ie maybe unassigns the ticket so that it can be reassigned

People maybe have other suggestions for this?

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I created for each agent of us a special OOO Observer rule - this need to be de/activated manually each time!

Checking if a update/reply is sent to ticket and if agent is assigned to specific agent, then set to none/open and inform us via slack





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It would also be nice to be able for the agent to specify their availability for auto-assignment of tickets.

We have have a small team so one person is on call after we close at 5pm.   Currently we don't want people turning auto-assign off and on as it's easy to forget to turn it on, so we have everyone leave it active, but if the system could only assign tickets that come in after 4pm to the people that work until 5pm and then only to the on-call person if they are URGENT if it is after 5pm and then when we open at 7am, it would only assign to people that are here and then at 8am when everyone is in the office it uses current logic, would be a better customer experience.

A way for the user to enter their days off in this tool or that it integrates wtih the O365 calendar when they are marked OUT OF OFFICE would be a wonderful enhancement for us.

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In another major incident management system, Service-Now, they actually had a schedule that could be set by the agent that basically allowed them to delegate their assignments during their out of the office duration to another agent.  Everything was still assigned to them and could actively continued to be assigned to them, but the system would show the agent's work assignments in the other designated agent's queue.  You just set a beginning and ending and the system took care of the rest.  

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