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Lobby or Walk In Service Check In Station

Hello - during certain times of year we have a long line out the door of folks waiting for walk-in support.  I would love to be able to have a web page or mobile app where I can pass an iPad through the group for customers to check in - just two simple boxes.  They would just need to fill out their email address and use a drop-down to select their request type.  Then a ticket would be created and our desk agent could pull their ticket up as they reach the counter, and close the ticket.

In this situation, using the full site isn't our best option.  This group is highly populated with customers there for password help, so the full log-in to the site is a barrier to quick service in their case.

I can envision this being easy to implement, by generating an email to the service desk, and utilizing the email commands.

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We run a drop in type service here also, when busy we'd like the ability for customers to log their own calls whilst waiting to ensure we don't miss anything. Plus 1 from me on this idea.

Yes... interested in the same... anyone?
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