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Simple Billing Report

It would be helpful to have a combination of the timesheet report and a normal ticket filter to help with MSP invoicing or general distributed cost allocation within a company. 

Specifically it would be helpful to have a report that showed time logged for a client within the prior month, consisting of time entry records grouped by ticket number/subject, and show when the last time was logged against the ticket. 

This is different than existing reports in that a simple ticket export doesn't give you visibility into the latest date of the time entry records, and the existing timesheet report does not group hours by ticket. 

For instance, a report with the following characteristics would be helpful:


Ticket Number

Ticket Subject

Hours recorded against ticket within time period (e.g. prior month)

Last date/time hours were recorded on ticket (max executed date)

Ticket status





By company

All tickets (INC & SR) with time entry records with "Executed On" dates within specified range. 

Today I can do this in excel by exporting a timesheet report filtered by company and date range, creating a pivot table from this to group by ticket number/subject, summing hours and summarizing executed date by the max value, then using vlookup function against an export of a ticket report to find corresponding ticket status. 

This yields something like the following (comma delimited):

Ticket Number, Subject, Sum of Hours, Hours as Of, Ticket Status at EOM

5102, Horrible Printer Problem, 100, 9/20/2016, Closed

5105, random laptop reboots, 1, 9/21/2016, Closed

5106, rewire building, 5, 9/29/2016, Open

Total hours for Month Ending 9/30/2016: 106

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minor edit - third column title in example should be Date of Last Work or similar title. Basically the last time that hours were logge against ticket. 

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