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Reporting and categorizing

Categorizing the tickets can give you a lot of valuble insight in what your users are struggeling with, when certain types of requests or incidents are on the rise you can target this with a sollution or other measures. There is no built in method for caterories other than SR or INC. You can use custom fields, but that brings us to the next point, reporting

Even if you use custom fields for categories, none of the reports give a good overview of ticket categories and ticket trends. All reporting seems to be revolving around agent efficiency. I would like to see more reports givving me statistics in these areas. The fastest way to accomplich this, would be to allow downloading the raw data so we could make our own reports using Excell or similar, but built in templates would be nice. 

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Boy, I'll say. I am unable to develop even the simple reports that FreshDesk can do. I consider this to be a serious gap.


Hello everyone, 

Ability to report on custom fields of tickets will be available with Custom Ticket Reports. This feature is currently in the final stages of testing and is expected to be rolled-out by early November. Please do check back here for further updates. 


Freshservice Product Management

Hello Anne, 

Could you share some of your use cases or specific functionalities that you would like to see in Freshservice Reports? This will be helpful for us to understand your requirements better! Looking forward to your inputs. :) 


Freshservice Product Management

We look at the following- and most are just dimensions of custom fields that I have added to the main case:

1. Number of incidents by failure mode, over time- provides trends in what is breaking, and patterns that indicate systemic failures, e.g. We start observing triple the number of incidents of a particular failure mode right after a new software upgrade, suggests the upgrade or the build created a problem.

2. Number of incidents by instrument, over time- tells us about the stability of any given instrument (or sometimes about the user)

3. Labor hours by instrument- helps us determine the support cost per instrument ( e.g. Support cost per customer, which speaks to profitability)

4. Time to repair, average and by failure mode-  helps us forecast labor needs by providing accurate info on actual failure handle time.

Note that failure mode is using the 3-nested drop downs type box, and we do want to drill down to the deepest level.


5. How many instruments are Down- meaning they have an open case of highest severity- versus Up.


What I have also not seen at all is the ability to report on assets. We would like to use the assets page to record SW builds, firmware versions, and version numbers of hardware. I would like to pull out a csv of the asset list and all associated info in a matrix so we can see at a glance how many instruments have what version of a part or firmware. I cannot seem to export any custom hardware types or custom fields


We export all ticket data and use Power BI to combine it into a report that includes financial and timesheet information from other parts of our business from WorkflowMax and Moxy.

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Hello Anne, 

Thanks for sharing your uses cases - it was very helpful to understand your reporting needs better. The ability to report on the number of incidents by any custom field (dropdown, integer, nested dropdown - drilled down to any level, checkbox and date fields) and the ability to report on the sum or average of any custom integer field grouped by any other custom field (dropdown, checkbox and Date fields) is possible with Custom Ticket Reports i.e. In the specific use cases that you have mentioned, filtering the number of incidents by failure mode and by instrument can be generated with custom reports, provided these two fields are either custom dropdown,nested dropdown,date or checkbox. Using a bar or pie chart, you can visualise the sum of labour hours by instrument, provided labour hours is a custom integer field and instrument is either a dropdown,checkbox or a date field. Custom Ticket Reports feature is expected to be rolled-out in November. 

The ability to report on assets by custom fields is possible with Custom Asset Reports (Reports -> New Report -> Assets). You can read more about Asset Reporting here. 

Thanks again for your feedback, Anne! Do check back here for more updates on Freshservice Reports.  


Freshservice Product Management

Hi guys-

Has Custom Ticket Reports been scheduled for release yet? We are eagerly awaiting it, although yes, we are able to export and look at it using other tools. It would just be nice to not have to



Hello Anne, 

Custom Ticket Reports is now available in Freshservice under Reports -> New Report -> Tickets. You can learn more about this feature here.


Freshservice Product Management

Yes this feature is really needed, how can you have transparency over your Service Desk incidents if you can't report on trends, same category of incidents recurring?

Hope to see this added into the reporting by the end of Q1!

Desperately need it.



How is this feature not existing yet? Major buyers remorse for this product.  It cannot spit out a report based upon categories of incident and service request.  How do we know where our problems are?  I need reports that show tickets assigned with various categories!

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