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Freshservice Release Notes 02 September '16

Here are some of the significant feature enhancements and bug fixes that were shipped on 02 September 2016.

Feature releases and updates:

  • Improved translation for German and Simplified Chinese
  • Enhancements to ticket Activity Log - Capturing Due by and Department changes
  • Bugfixes, Performance and Security updates and general tweaks


1. Translation Improvements

Simplified Chinese and German translations have been significantly improved across multiple modules in Freshservice.

2. Ticket Activity Log

The activity log for tickets will now include any changes made to the Due by date and Department. Any manual changes made to the Due by date or Department by any of the agents will be captured in the ticket activity log.

Bug Fixes:

1.  Automation Rules based on multiple business hours

Automation rules will now be executed based on the department/group's business hours and time zone. This fixes an earlier issue where the rules were executed only based on the default account time zone for groups having separate business hours.

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