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Allow Users to Edit (certain) Solution Articles


At present, only Agents can edit solution articles. It would be helpful if non-IT personnel could contribute to our knowledge base.

There are a few ways this could be done:

1. Allow us to mark certain requesters as "Power Users" (or similar), who would have the ability to edit articles shared with them.

2. Allow something like "explicit permissions" on individual articles or on article folders (e.g., user Ann Smith is able to edit the Customer Database folder)

3. Implement a third type of Agent (full-time, occasional, and "Knowledge Manager" or similar) and allow us to customize permissions such that they can't see tickets/problems/changes/releases/cmdb, or make announcements - they can only edit solution articles.

This would be very valuable not just to our organization, but to many companies across all industries. Knowledge Management is not just an IT practice - it involves company stakeholders having ownership of documenting processes, configurations, and key company knowledge. It doesn't make sense for IT to be the gatekeepers of all business knowledge just because it's stored in the ticketing system - nor does it make sense to grant access to the SKMS by non-technical staff.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration!

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I really like this feature request! I think there would definitely be a benefit to allowing other people in the company edit/create articles. There are some applications where users will know more about how to use them than any of our agents do, simply because it might be part of their daily work, whereas we have a different set of applications that we use regularly. Just because we are the go-to support team, does not mean that we are the most qualified to write up a solution article! 

In addition to this feature, I would like to suggest adding a comment section on articles as well. There is the "thumbs up/down" feature currently, but I think being able to get feedback other than "I like this" or "I don't get it" would be extremely beneficial and allow us to modify the articles accordingly. If we just see a thumbs down, we don't know who did it OR why! 

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I've been asking for this kind of feature for a while now as well under the heading of IT Transparency and user involvement. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

Having Staff and Users feel they cannot contribute is a bad oversight in the Freshservice product which is otherwise great.

The Freshdesk product which first got our interest has a feature called Forums where users can suggest Ideas and comment on posts. We had it developed to the point where we had posts like "Wnows 10 is rolling out what do you think?" . User posts were subject to moderation and people could contribute ideas or have their say. What is needed is for this category to be somehow introduced to Freshservice. 

The Like or dislike feature in Solutions is pretty useless and also really needs upgrading and elaboration . It needs to have space for user feedback- Did this solve the issue yes or no? If not why not- please click here to open a ticket. Like or dislike could mean anything and pernickety users might hit dislike when they don't like the font in the Solution- who knows? Point is they're given no option.

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