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Poll: Ability to "Lock" contact company associations


We have a multi-portal implementation of Freshservice, where companies are linked to respective portals.

Contacts in Freshervice can be created manually or by the system when tickets are requested by them. A contact is associated to one or more companies, either through manually editing the contact record, or by the system, whenever that contact requests a ticket through a company-associated portal or Email address.

In our implementation of the solution, this can lead to a contact being associated with more companies than we would like. This is especialløy problematic when the user is flagged as "Company head" or is set to see all tickets associated with their companies.

I would like other forum members to evaluate the usefulness of a "lock" for this field. So that the company associations for any given contact can be frozen by toggling the lock ON.  The locked or frozen company field would be read-only and companies would not be auto-added by the system when tickets are logged through company-specific portals or email addresses.

The feature could look like this:

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Hi Marius, moving your topic under Freshservice forum. 

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