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HTML Template Email Notification

Freshservice needs an option for HTML Template Email Notification.
It's good that you offer a Helpdesk Rebranding but in order to customize and "rebrand" helpdesk for company, we need to be able to customize the template to reflect the company brand.

Other helpdesk system allows it; even the free service like Spiceworks.

Please build that feature. It's a huge request to promote a company brand.

The text only notification is ugly and so 80s...

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Please fresh service, html template would alleviate some of the ugliness of a plain text mail.

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Yes, please add this! We need this

Please ad this feature!

Please add

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And here go my two cents into the Well of Hoping This Happens!

But at least we have Artificial Intelligence Scheduling on the way or something like that....can't wait to see how that will improve this platform if they can't even roll out HTML email templates in two years. There seems to be a lot of noise around seemingly simple fixes like this and yet the forum is chock-full of multi-year complains from people begging for features widely available in the market.

We're also waiting for this one... I was not aware that it was raised two years ago...

Yes, please add this! We need this usefull option.

Please add HTML (and image) support!


Please add real HTML Support with Image etc. support


HTML E-Mail support is still very poor and limited :-(

Agree, would awesome to get a good editor with full HTML support.

Unbelievable that it has been 3 years since HTML format on email notification was raised and until now this has not been addressed yet.

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