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Add Location Field to Requester Ticket Screen, Add Location to Agent Ticket Screen

I've spent over an hour entering and confirming 31 offices, or "Locations" under Admin > Locations.

Now, I'm ready to add those locations as an option to Agents or Requesters. 

I've searched up and down the Freshservice KB site, YouTube, Googled my ass off, and no where can I locate any instructions on integrating a field type into tickets that allow the Requester or Agent to specify which in which location the incident is occurring. Either way would be acceptable at this point, but finding this simple piece of information has become impossible. I can't imagine this topic has not been covered, but I can't find it.

All I want is to add a field that pulls in a drop-down menu that pulls in the 31 different offices we have, but those instructions are nowhere to be found.

Please enlighten me on how to configure this simple, commonly found feature of any major service desk, because it surely hasn't been made available on the Freshservice KB.

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Thanks I see it is managed per user profile. Thank you for a quick response from Support:

Once you have added the list of all the locations under Admin-> Locations, you will be able to use them to identify the location of the ticket requester in the ticket view page, if the requester profile is updated with the Location information.


Ticket View Page with the Requester Location Info



Location dropdown in Requester profile



Location dropdown in Agent profile


If you would like to use the Location info to identify the location of the issue, please navigate to Admin-> Field Templates and create a custom field called Location.



Once the values for the dependant field have been added, you will be able to use them for the tickets of the helpdesk.



Dropdown options can also be used instead of Dependant field in Admin-> Field Templates.

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