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Creating Ticket "Templates" or Adding "Resolution" status to Tasks

Our company has multiple "scenarios" which have multiple steps that require completion to successfully resolve the ticket. 

Creating a scenario is a great function that does enable us to link additional and specific tasks that are required for completion of certain tickets/scenarios. 

I.E. a ticket for a New IT Account request or Employee Termination will have multiple steps involved to ensure the process is completed successfully. 

The issue we have this Scenarios is that you can only add a "Task" as apposed to a "Child Ticket". 

The issue with this is that we use the Arcade function along with Resolved tickets as an "at a glance" work performance metric. With "Tasks" our analysts are essentially not getting any credit for completing 10 tasks that are involved in the completion of a ticket. 

So in short, 

1) Is there a way that creating a "Scenario" or Ticket Template that has additional child tickets could be an added function? 

2.) Is there a way to add "Resolved" as a status function for a "Task" so that agents can get visual and identifiable credit for said task? 

3.) Under the "Arcade" section, could more fields be added? Such as points for Task completion.

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