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Reporting by custom fields

I do a lot in asset management right now since we just purchased and haven't rolled it out to the users yet but I would like to see something in the reporting section being able to view reports based off the custom fields we add inside the asset.

Also I know they are working on adding columns in the asset list but I hoping the IP address can get added and it will allow us to search via computer or device IP

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I second this - all I want to do is run a report that allows me to return all assets per location that have a quantity of RAM less than 2GB so we can help our customers with a refresh strategy. I cannot find that option anywhere.

I might add, RAM is not even a custom field; it is referenced as Memory(GB) in the asset info. 

Surprised that this isn't a feature to be honest. Any intention to support this?

We would like to generate reports for custom fields on service requests.

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