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Email & Portal Format Issues for Announcements

Since the ability to filter announcements by department and send email notifications has come about, we use the announcements all the time! We love that we have the ability to do this now, and it helps us get out communication for releases and outages very quickly - so thank you for that!

Just a small request on the portal and email notification side of things - 

While I can probably resolve the portal side of things with some tweaking to the code, the email notification that goes out for the announcement has a formatting issue; it looks nothing like the announcement we created - There are 1 or 2 extra spaces in between lines, which is unwanted and unnecessary. 

Please see an example of what I am talking about in the screenshot attached. Thanks!

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Agreed with Jess. Please look at the email formatting as it does not appear professional to others.

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This would benefit us as well, at the moment we have to keep reminding our agents who have access to this to Shift + Enter for line breaks, as these format correctly in the emails and on the announcement screen.

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