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Technical Feature Requests

First, I have designed, configured, managed, and supported multiple help desk platforms.  I have to commend your team on a job well done.  Your product for Freshservice is legendary.  I sincerely hope you focus continual add-ons and development for Freshservice.

Second, I have provided some insight into additional feature requests:

  • Reporting widgets available on the agent and/or end user dashboard
  • Dashboard customization for both the agent and end user views
  • Section within the admin panel that illustrates a on-going (living) update in regards to your future road map for development
  • Microsoft OneDrive for Business Integration
  • Custom iFrame web integration added as a "tab" for the agent and end user portals...  example:  ability to add Sophos AV management portal
  • 2 factor authentication
  • Email response customization:  agent picture, ticket history, agent profile, integrate agent gamification stats, other relevant information added as a summary on a side panel as to not interfere with relevant ticket information
  • Bulk activation email to end users (welcome email to launch new portal and services)
  • Ability to customize forum layouts and design features
  • MORE THEMES!!!  I cannot stress the importance of having pre-made themes (beyond what is presented now through Fresh Themes) since the self-service portal is the ultimate goal for most businesses.  Simplicity and customization is key!!  More IT related themes!  Maybe a cool BBQ theme  :)
  • More custom plug-ins relevant to the IT world
  • Further develop the Freshservice mobile application to include more of the actual features versus just ticketing
  • IT monitoring tool - ability to leverage SNMP or ICMP data to report up/down status on devices via the discovery agent or another custom agent (example:  Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor)
  • Ability to create STANDARDIZED knowledge base forms that include critical core data that is secure from being altered... other information can be customized to be adjusted as needed.  This will ensure all knowledge base formats look similar and are more easily read by team members as they get use to the system.
  • Add a Training tab for end user portal - primary goal to train on PCI compliance and/or operational systems.  Ability to track completion of each training course/video/knowledge base PER USER.
  • Add a built in internal social network for the end user portal that allows logged in users to chat with each other and post comments and feedback to each other.  NOTE:  Different from forum, forum I view as a repository for critical data as opposed to creating a social network that builds culture and community interactions, which is important to us.
  • Add a gamification platform for the end user portal that encourages end users to post more to the forums and compete with each other.
  • Service Catalog - add the ability or create a plug in that will allow me to configure a catalog item to request as a quote > once the user selects and clicks "request quote", an rule can be configured to kick off an email using the user data and the actual request to multiple vendors > the email will include the user data (contact information in particular) and the actual request for product, service, etc. so the vendor(s) can respond accordingly
  • Pluralsight integration - > a very inexpensive tool ($500 per year) to further the development of your IT team...  provides videos, knowledge base, assessment tests, etc... fantastic online tool for gaining additional knowledge for all kinds of different technologies

Thank you in advance!  GREAT PRODUCT!  KEEP ROCKING ON DEVELOPMENT!!!  I will recommend your product all day every day to any of my professional contacts.

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Also, the ability to further leverage the "locations" for franchise based companies.  The parent child relationships are very nice.  I would love to see the ability to add locations THEN have the ability to assign IT vendors to each user based on their location.  WorkETC has something similar, and it is extremely useful when you need to pull up available resources for locations you don't manage on the corporate side typically.

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