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Freshservice Release Notes January '16

Feature releases and updates for the month of January 2016

1. Custom contract types – Contract administrators can create, support and manage contracts with internal/external stakeholders.

a. Existing contract types like Lease, Maintenance and Software License can be extended with custom fields, to fit your business context.

b. You can even create new contract types like Non-Disclosure Agreements, Warranties, Purchase Agreements etc for your specific business requirements.

These enhancements are available for Blossom, Garden and Estate plans.

2. Asset import improvements – The process of importing assets into Freshservice is clearer and more convenient.

a. Agents will get meaningful and understandable error messages in case they initiate an asset import and it fails. They’ll also be notified about it via email.

b. Also, Freshservice will automatically map Asset type fields to corresponding headers on the Asset import CSV file, minimizing redundant field mapping.