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Does API work with announcements?

 Hey Guys,

I have been reading documentation at api.freshservice.com, pretty cool stuff, I am wondering if we can create API calls and send them as announcements in customer service portal? is that doable?

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We also need this to get a better customer communication.

Hi Peter,

Glad that  you find our API documentation helpful and I have some news I’m sure you will be pleased to hear. Our engineering team is currently working on APIs for announcements. Once these new APIs are in place, you will be able to create announcements on Freshservice via API.

Best Regards,

Team Freshservice

Hi Peter and Jens

A quick update around the API for announcements. Our team is currently working on this and we're expecting this to be rolled out by next month.

We'll keep you posted with further updates



I'm excited to hear about the Announcements API - any updates on the rollout, or what they'll be able to do?

Following. This is of great interest to us as well.
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