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Road Map and Enhancments

Am I on my own in thinking that progression has slowed with Fresh Service there seems to be a lot of requests for features that you would expect as basic fundamentals in an ITIL based service desk that are missing? I haven't seen any announcements about anything since last November and could really do with a public road map with planned enhancements. The market is growing for SaaS based Service Desk and as much as I like Fresh Service I really need to see some real progression around SC items and workflow as currently this area is seriously lacking. When we first took the product on we were impressed with the rate of progression but I am seriously considering moving away, any one else feel the same?

Hello Craig, 

Ability to add custom fields of service items as conditions in automation rules (dispatch'r) has been shipped. Also, service request specific fields such as requested for, requested items, item details etc., are now available as placeholders in emails under automation rules. You can read more about this enhancement here.


Ability to request multiple service items along with parent & child service requests is currently in development and will be available in the coming weeks. 


Hi Folks, any updates on any of the above? Also any updates on what was squeezed in for May?

Hello Stephen, 

Regarding improvements with the Service Catalog module, the ability to request multiple items and support complex workflows is currently in Development. As part of this feature, parent and child service requests, E-mail notifications specifically for service requests, custom fields of service items as conditions in Automation rules and placeholders for Service Requests are some of the enhancements we are working on. Please do check back here for more updates. 


Freshservice Product Management  

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I think current and prospective Freshservice customers would appreciate an update to the What's new in Freshservice? forum, which was updated monthly for some time but has not been updated in over three months most recently.

Really eager to see what you all are doing with the first bullet point above:

- Service catalog improvements, specifically around requesting multiple items & other common workflows (like Employee on-boarding) is in the works. Development will start on this very soon and we'll keep you updated on this.

Well, eager to see all of what you mentioned above. Any updates? Only a few weeks left in Q1. ;)

Bumpity bump...... for an update from 3 weeks ago, and also if possible what changes have been implemented since Novembers last post in one easy to digest location :)

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As posted elsewhere in here a fair old while ago, but here seems like a good place for another airing.

I think it would be really beneficial if you had the version number in use visible somewhere and then when you click on the number it takes you to release notes to show you the latest changes that were included in the release.. (Even if just for performance and not end user or GUI related)

Changes are made that are then not communicated currently doing yourselves a disservice as they are related to things people have asked for in these forums. For example I have noticed that there are now new sources added for walk-ups, chats etc... but no notification of that anywhere. With the model proposed above then anyone could click and see the latest release notes which should be detailed to change/release level. The updating in the forum doesn't really work as it's not regular or detailed enough.  

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Thanks for your comments. 

As we scaled our product & engineering teams, there was a brief period of time late last year when we had to focus less on speedy execution on features and deal with other things outside our control, but we're now primed and executing at full speed again.

We're glad you like Freshservice & completely understand that customers have plenty of choices. We're always working hard to improve our position and continue to delight customers. 

To your specific points above:

- Service catalog improvements, specifically around requesting multiple items & other common workflows (like Employee on-boarding) is in the works. Development will start on this very soon and we'll keep you updated on this.

- In Q1/Q2, we're working on table-stakes capabilities for ITIL service desks like Priority Matrix, CMDB improvements and default category/sub-category support that should help drive service desk efficiency & productivity.

- On integrations, we have an exciting pipeline with popular asks like Slack, Docusign, Office 365 among others that are up next.

- With a larger team, we're able to engage more with customers on forums and your feedback/comments helps shape our roadmap and prioritization (so keep talking to us!). We'll also work on keeping our product announcements up-to-date with what we're shipping. 


Freshservice Product Team

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Friday 5 o'clock fingers that should be "Enhancements"

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